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  • pike|law is corporate law
    pike|law is corporate law
  • pike|law is commercial law
    pike|law is commercial law
  • pike|law is regulatory law
    pike|law is regulatory law
  • pike|law is public law
    pike|law is public law
  • pike|law is dispute resolution
    pike|law is dispute resolution


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Pike|Law is a specialist corporate and commercial law firm based in Constantia in the Western Cape, South Africa. Adam Pike, founder of Pike|Law, leads the firm. The team treats every matter with the utmost integrity, attention to detail gaining trust through accountabilty


"Adam Pike and his team at Pike Law are not just great lawyers, they have taken the time to get to know me as an individual first and my needs as a client second. For me, it’s really important that my lawyer knows enough about me and my business to know of my legal requirements before they become problems. Pike | Law is an integral part of my business and my strategy for success."

John Quinlan, Managing Director, Wind Wizard Aerodynamics
"Pike Law bring a fresh, dynamic approach to the delivery of legal services. A pleasure to work with in the briefing stage, you can expect sound counsel based on thorough research of the matter in hand.  A far cry from the “stuffed shirt” attitude that tends to mark the profession."

Jeremy Matthews, CEO/Owner, Dax Data
"Pike Law has become like family to me. I know that I can rely on them for so much more than any other law firm I have ever used. They go beyond the call of duty to ensure that I am always taken care of.

Adam and his team are always available to give advice, support and guide but most importantly they keep me safe and protected.

This is the greatest gift. "

Karen Thomson, Sugar Free Revolution